Schnitz Delivery Menu Prices and Hours Australia [Near Me]

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If you are tired of having the same food from a nearby restaurant or are in quest for some great home food, you have a place to look into!

Schnitz Delivery is one of the finest delivery services which guarantee amazing food cooked in a very homely manner. No extra spices, no extra toppings, nothing extra. Every ingredient is kept to the minimum and cooked perfectly to suit one’s taste bud.

Schnitz Delivery Menu comprises of various packs such as Mini wraps or Rolls Pack or Schnitz Stick Pack, Vegan Pack and many more. These packs are crafted beautifully to give a flavor of home-cooked food to the customer. The ingredients are tossed, cooked and combined with other flavors resulting in a fantastic food pack.

The packs are available in many flavors making you go crazy about each one of them. These flavors are chosen specifically to suit one’s taste and desire. The ingredients are fresh and mixed beautifully to generate various combinations. The gluten-free pack, vegan pack and few more packs bear the testimony to innovation and mastery.  So, start searching and start ordering these gorgeous packs right away!

Schnitz Menu and Prices in Australia:

Started in 1965, Schnitz aims at offering food made with a lot of love, care, and passion. The Schnitz Delivery Menu is an illustration of this notion. The manner in which these packs are crafted is just gorgeous. One must order a minimum of two of these lovely packs and enjoy every bite to its best.

The prices at Schnitz are quite affordable and one shall be delighted to get hold of these amazing combinations at such prices. Nothing can be better than having homely food all the way to work at such prices.

Plates With Pop Ups 
Schnitzel and Chips - Plates$12.90
Schnitzel With Salad and Chips$17.50
Parma and Chips - Plates$14.90
Parma With Salad and Chips$19.50
Schnitz Rolls and Wraps 
Basic Instinct$11.50
Plain and Simple$12.50
Status and Quo$13.50
American Dream$14.50
Garden of Eden$14.50
The Swiss $14.90
The Hawaiian$14.90
Spice of Life$14.90
The Aussie$15.50
Schnitzel, Parmas and Crumb Free 
Crumb Free Chicken Fillet$8.90
Schnitzel and Chips$12.90
Parma and Chips$14.90
Schnitzel With Chips and Salad$18.50
Parma With Chips and Salad$19.50
Vegan Schnitzel$8.90
Vegan Parma$11.50
Vegan Basic Instinct$11.50
Vegan Garden of Eden$14.50
Vegan Parmageddon$16.50
Garden Salad Side Salad$5.90
Rainbow Slaw Side Salad$6.90
Lovingly Fresh$12.50
Caesar Salad$12.50
Mediterranean Salad$12.50
Lovingly Fresh & Schnitzel$17.50
Caesar Salad & Schnitzel$17.50
Mediterranean Salad & Schnitzel$17.50
Snack Rolls 
Mini Chip Butty$8.50
Mini Status Quo$8.50
Mini Basic Instinct$8.50
Chips and Sides 
GravySmall - $2.90
Large - $3.90
Original ChipsSmall - $4.90
Regular - $5.90
Large - $6.90
Family - $9.50
Sweet Potato ChipsSmall - $5.90
Regular - $6.90
Large - $7.90
Family - $10.50
Schnitz Sticks$5.20
For Kids 
Kid's Itty-Bitty Pack$8.90
Kid's Teeny Weeny Pack$9.90
Pop Top Water$2.90
Pop Top Juice$2.90
Coolridge Water600ml - $3.70
Soft Drinks300ml - $4.20
600ml - $4.90
Schweppes Ginger Beer$4.90
Charlie's Pressed Apple Juice$4.90
Voss Sparkling Water$5.20
Remedy Kombucha$5.70

Schnitz Opening Hours:

Schnitz menu

If you are worried about waiting for too long to grab such delectable and irresistible packs, you have a reason to be relieved.

Schnitz opens at early hours of the day to serve you these devilish combinations of awesome flavors, spices, and passionate cooking. One does not have to wait for too long to get hold of such amazing combinations. However, you will have to allow them a few hours to prepare and deliver these gorgeous packs to you.

So, now that you do not have any other reason to postpone ordering, browse and order right now!

Schnitz Locations near Me in Australia:

Schnitz is ready to offer top-notch services to the food lovers in major parts of Australia. From Sydney to Queensland, to Western Australia to Northern Australia, Schnitz is right here to help you. The services are widespread and spontaneous. If you reside in any of these locations near to Schnitz, you will be served with the best like never before.

Now, you simply need to sit back, relax and search for Schnitz to elate you with their services and amazing food. You will be compelled to come back to Schnitz every single time!

Note: Schnitz Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT.For more visit the official website of

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