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Red Rooster Delivery Menu, Prices & Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Red Rooster- a pioneer in the non-vegetarian category that serves more than 25,000 + delighted customers every day is a renowned name amongst red roast gourmets.

Red Rooster Delivery Menu is famous for its outstanding aggressive strategy to entice new customers and to build loyalty among existing customer base wherein all the three factors such as a delivery menu, prices and opening hours are precisely optimized.

Values that Red Rooster observes and committed to serving its prestigious customers are:

  • Trusted raw ingredient suppliers.
  • Guarantee to offer fresh red roost.
  • Roast on mild fire for 55 minutes.

This is a place where you can spend a sweet, adorable time with your friends and family and create great moments. You will be the one enjoying here and uniting with your love – roasted chicken.

Red Rooster Menu and prices in Australia:

Red Rooster delivery menu has diverse categories of rich variants for each segment as the chefs have brought all the best flavor and practices of the world in Red roast back home. Therefore, such maneuvers of chefs at Red Rooster enable connoisseur of red roast to take the international experience at a very nominal price.

Some segments of the Red Rooster menu are the most loved by foodies such as Burger, Rolls, and wraps, Fish meals, Little red meals, Roast chicken, Wholesome roast, Value family meal, and a big feast.

Pricing has been kept quite economical when compared with quality ingredients used, the technology roped in to ensure hygiene and the care with which each order is roasted. So, let your salivary gland ought not to be left tempted merely, satiate it right away.

Roast Chicken and Family Meals 
Buttermilk Pops Fam Feed$27.95
Reds Family Meal$25.00
Pops Family Meal$35.00
Big Value Feast$39.99
Aussie Favourite$32.99
Family Roast$39.99
Mega Feast$47.99
Wholesome Roast$38.99
Roast Chicken Whole$17.49
Classic Quarter$12.99
Classic Half$14.99
Classic Roast$14.99
Classic Tropicana$16.99
Burgers, Rolls and Wraps 
Double Hellfire Hot Burger$12.99
Double BBQ Bacon Burger$13.50
Hellfire Hot Burger$9.49
Roast Chicken Chips & Gravy Roll$10.49
BLT Wrap$10.49
Chilli Aioli Wrap$9.49
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll$10.49
Roaster Roll$9.49
Bacon & Cheese Rippa$10.49
Rippa Roll$9.49
Original Crispy Burger$9.49
Chicken, Cheese & Bacon Burger$7.49
Individual Meals 
Buttermilk Pops Mega Box$16.45
Hellfire Mega Box$17.45
Rooster Roll Mega Box$15.45
NEW Rippa Mega Box$16.45
Original Mega Box$15.45
Cheesy Nuggets Kids Meal$8.49
Nuggets Kids Meal$8.49
Cheeseburger Kids Meal$8.49
Chicken Drumstick Kids Meal$8.49
Chicken Pops Kids Meal$8.49
Snacks & Sides 
Buttermilk Wings3 Pack - $5.95
6 Pack - $9.95
10 Pack - $13.45
Hellfire Wings6 Pack - $10.95
10 Pack - $15.95
Onion RingsLarge - $6.00
Regular - $3.95
Chicken PopsLarge - $12.49
Regular - $8.49
Vegetable MedleyLarge - $7.99
Regular - $4.49
Chicken Loaded Chips$7.00
Crunchy SlawLarge - $7.49
Regular - $4.99
ChipsFamily - $8.49
Large - $5.49
Chicken Nuggets 6$7.95
Cheesy Nuggets 6$7.95
Chicken Nuggets 10$10.95
Cheesy Nuggets 10$10.95
Crispy Strip$2.59
Pineapple Fritter$2.59
Dipping Sauce$0.50
Side Orders 
Mash & GravyLarge - $5.29
Regular - $4.29
PeasLarge - $5.29
Regular - $4.29
GravyLarge - $5.29
Regular - $3.79
Garlic Bread$3.99
Corn Cobs$7.49
Magnum Brownie$4.69
Gooey Chocolate Cake (1 Pack)$4.49
Gooey Chocolate Cake (2 Pack)$8.50
Classic Chocolate Magnum Tub$9.95
Rainbow Paddle Pop$2.49
Chocolate Paddle Pop$2.49
Golden Gaytime$4.29
Classic Magnum$4.69
Cookies and Cream Cheesecake$4.49
Chocolate Mousse$4.49
Soft Drinks 375ml$3.59
Soft Drinks 600ml$4.59
Soft Drinks 1.25L$5.59
Kids Drinks$3.19
Water 600ml$3.99

Red Rooster Opening Hours:

Red Rooster menu

Red Rooster remains open during business hours and extends working hours at its stores and restaurants during the weekend in a bid to serve late-night customers.

However, general business hours are 10: 00 AM – 10: 00 PM

Its home delivery services will satisfy you well. Don’t worry! They would not charge you extravagantly. To know more about Red rooster – Opening hours at various locations, please check out the official link.

Red Rooster Locations Near me in Australia:

At Red Rooster, customers get enough convenience to cater to their individual needs. Be it a small order wherein customers can directly place orders either by phone or website by tapping the ORDER DELIVERY button or to large scale order to organize an event where one is willing to have catering services by tapping ORDER CATERING.

Today, it has a long chain of ever-growing restaurants, franchisees and delivery stores worldwide and deep penetrated presence almost across entire urban or sub-urban regions in Australia.

Australia is home to Red rooster and has an overwhelmed presence in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania.

Hey, has it triggered your inquisitiveness to explore more on RED ROOSTER?

Note: Red Rooster Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the official website of




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