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Oporto Delivery Menu Prices& Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Oporto is a leading food franchise that started in 1986, with the thought of bringing Portugal culture and reliving the same in Australia. So, the founder decided to start a chicken shop in Northern Bondi, serving delicious flame smokey Portuguese chicken to Aussies and Portugees to make them feel like home. Savor the same culture and the same ingredients in food.

Oporto delivery menu has the best Portugal chicken dishes enough to hit your taste buds and make you crave for it! The chicken used at Oporto is 100% Australian, RSPCA approved and certified. The chicken is selected from Australia’s best growers, making it highly nutritious and truly divine. The smokey chicken burgers at Oporto are the best choice and they are served with love to the visitors!

An interesting fact about Oporto apart from its famous Portuguese chicken dishes is, they participate in local welfare. They sponsor at various internal sports games and also have a football family which is growing successfully. Now you know why it is a reputed food franchise? Great! Go visit the Oporto store near you or order online. You will get the same quality and taste. The chicken is always served hot and fresh to the visitors and online customers too!

Oporto Menu and Prices in Australia:

Oporto delivery menu will take you to a whole new level of craving for Portuguese grilled chicken and flame chicken. How much you love chicken? Even if you don’t like grilled chicken burgers, you’ll start loving them once you try at least one from 7+ chicken burger variants.

If not burgers, you have other options too on the list: Salads/Wraps, Fried chicken (Half, Full), Bites & Snacks (Fries, Spicy chips, crispy chicken strips, Fried Bites) hunger calls for these snacks. So, grab it from the nearest Oporto outlet or order online while chilling at home watching TV or gaming with friends. Enlighten your mood with Oporto’s dessert range which includes Donuts, Mousse and many more.

Still hungry? Then grab the complete meal box for yourself to keep up active all day long!

Vegan Burger$13.00
Vegan Burger Meal$18.85
Passionfruit Donut Single Pack - $2.60
3 Pack - $6.50
9 Pack - $18.20
Meal For 2$40.00
Burger Meal For 4$50.00
Chicken Meal For 4$45.00
Chicken & Burger Box$22.10
Build Your Own Box$21.45
Feast Together Meal$78.00
Bondi Burger$11.65
Bondi Burger Meal$17.50
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger$14.25
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger Meal$20.10
Oprego Burger$11.65
Oprego Burger Meal$17.50
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger$14.25
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal$20.10
Otropo Burger$13.65
Otropo Burger Meal$19.50
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger$16.25
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger Meal$22.10
Veggie Burger$11.65
Veggie Burger Meal$17.50
Chicken Specialities 
Crispy Chicken Strips 3 Pack$7.15
Crispy Chicken Strips 5 Pack$10.40
Crispy Chicken Strips 5 Pack Meal$16.25
Crispy Chicken Strips 8 Pack$13.65
Crispy Chicken Strips 8 Pack Meal$19.50
Grilled Tenders 4 Pack$11.65
Grilled Tenders 4 Pack Meal$17.50
Quarter Chicken$9.10
Quarter Chicken Meal$14.95
Half Chicken $14.30
Half Chicken Meal$20.15
Whole Chicken $22.10
Kid's Meals 
Kid's Chicken & Cheese Burger Meal$10.40
Kid's Rappsnacker Meal$10.40
Kid's Crispy Chicken Strips Meal$10.40
Wraps & Salads 
New Chicken Salad$12.95
New Chicken Salad Meal$18.80
Pulled Chicken Bowl$16.85
Pulled Chicken Bowl Meal$22.70
Chicken Rappa$11.65
Chicken Rappa Meal$17.50
Pulled Chicken Wrap$12.30
Pulled Chicken Wrap Meal$18.15
Sides & Snacks 
ChipsSingle - $5.15
Chilli Cheese Chips$9.10
Spicy BolasSingle - $5.15
Share - $9.10
Jalapeno Bites$5.15
Spicy RiceSingle - $5.15
Share - $7.80
Crunchy SlawSingle - $5.15
Share - $7.80
CornSingle - $5.15
Share - $7.80
Portuguese Tomato SaladSingle - $5.15
Share - $7.80
Garden SaladSingle - $5.15
Pita Bread & Garlic Dip$5.15
Authentic Garlic Dip$1.30
Original Chilli Sauce$1.30
Extremo Chilli Sauce$1.30
Prego Tub$1.00
Lemon & Herb Tub$1.00
Mayo Tub$1.00
Chilli Jar$10.40
Prego Jar$10.40
Chocolate Mousse$5.15
Churros6 Pack - $5.15
10 Pack - $9.10
Hazelnut & Passionfruit DonutSingle Pack - $2.60
3 Pack - $6.50
9 Pack - $18.20
Passionfruit DonutSingle Pack - $2.60
3 Pack - $6.50
9 Pack - $18.20
Hazelnut DonutSingle Pack - $2.60
3 Pack - $6.50
9 Pack - $18.20
Soft Drinks$5.85
Mount Franklin Water$4.55
Mount Franklin Sparkling$4.55
Keri Juice$4.55
Fuze Peach Ice Tea$6.50

Oporto’s Opening Hours:

Oporto menu prices

Avoid the queues and grab a Portuguese Obsession Rapido all day! Oporto offers you many options to get Flame Grilled Portuguese Chicken or Bondi burger fix. Additionally, you get Flame Rewards on your delivery orders.

Don’t worry about the time. They serve all week, forget your hunger with the best burgers and snacks from Oporto.

Oporto Locations Near Me in Australia:

Locate an Oporto restaurant near you, Dine-In or Pick up or Order Online. They serve the same taste and provide wonderful hospitality. You cannot resist trying the meal box and get the best additional rewards on your orders.

Want to order online? Go to the official site, Click order online search locations for pick-up, delivery, and catering and simply choose the items that are craving for!  

Note: Oporto Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the official website of https://www.oporto.com.au/

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