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Noodle Box delivery menu prices and hours in Australia [near me]

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Noodle box is a network of quickly stir-fried noodle service restaurants. Its headquarters are present in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and was found by Josh James and David Milne in 1996.

Since 1996, it has always appealed to people all around Australia with its absolutely fresh and tasty dishes. With a network of over 100 outlets across Australia, it is Australia’s largest noodle restaurant chain by a franchise. The master franchise partners of Noodle Box are in the Middle East and Mauritius.

They aim to serve people with market-fresh food to ensure maximum crisp, crunch and taste in every bit. They use traditional Asian recipes to get modern tastes. The Southeast Asian flavors used by Noodle Box adds a touch to the taste of its food. At Noodle Box, you can build your own box as per your tastes and choices. Its never-ending menu gives you several options to choose your favorite food.

You can order food from Noodle Box through its website, or you can call the restaurant during its working hours to get delivery of fresh food directly to your home. Noodle Box Delivery Menu has a wide variety of dishes and has various options to choose from.

Noodle Box Menu and Prices in Australia:

There is a vast range of variety in the Noodle Box Delivery Menu. With noodles being its specialty, Noodle Box also serves various types of rice and rolls. It serves 10+ types of noodles and 5+ types of rice. Along with this, they offer you some starters including spring rolls, prawns, steamed pork and fried chicken.

They also provide a family pack including 3 regular boxes, spring rolls, prawns and soft drinks, and a Kids Pack including 4+ dishes. The best part is that you can also build your own box of noodles or rice with your choice of proteins, veggies, sauces, and garnishing. In case you are a vegan, you have an option to choose Noodle Box’s vegan and gluten-free foods.

Coming to the prices, they offer a wide variety of food at very low prices. The food prices at Noodle Box are very reasonable and affordable. The noodle and rice boxes range from $13-$16. Starters cost only $2-$6 and you can always upgrade to a big box for only $3. You can visit Noodle Box’s website for further details.

Meal Deals 
Couples Pack 1$34.95
Couples Pack 2$39.95
Family Pack$49.95
Feast Pack$89.95
Party Pack$124.95
Chef Specials 
CombinationSmall - $11.95
Regular - $15.18
Large - $18.95
Pad Thai ChickenSmall - $11.95
Regular - $15.18
Large - $18.95
Satay ChickenSmall - $11.95
Regular - $15.18
Large - $18.95
Mee GorengSmall - $11.95
Regular - $15.18
Large - $18.95
Garlic PrawnsSmall - $11.95
Regular - $15.18
Large - $18.95
Teriyaki ChickenSmall - $11.95
Regular - $15.18
Large - $18.95
Singapore NoodlesSmall - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Mongolian BeefSmall - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Black Bean Char BeefSmall - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Honey Soy ChickenSmall - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Kway Teow Small - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Hot & SpicySmall - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Japanese Chicken With Fried Rice$11.95
Chinese Sweet Pork With Steamed Pork$11.95
Nasi GorengSmall - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Special Fried RiceSmall - $10.95
Regular - $14.95
Large - $17.95
Mongolian Veg BoxRegular - $14.95
Satay Veg BoxRegular - $14.95
Lighter Options 
Brown Rice Kale Bowl$12.95
Chicken Stir Fry$12.95
Dim Sims2 Pcs - $3.95
4 Pcs - $7.50
6 Pcs - $11.50
Panko Prawns2 Pcs - $4.95
3 Pcs - $5.95
9 Pcs - $13.95
Prawn Crackers$2.50
Spring Rolls2 Pcs - $3.95
4 Pcs - $7.50
6 Pcs - $11.50
Pork BunEach - $2.95
2 Pcs - $5.95
3 Pcs - $7.95
Mini Box With Pop Top Juice$8.95
No Chopsticks$0.00
With Chopsticks$0.00
Pop Top Kids$2.95
Cool Ridge$3.95
Water Sparkling$3.95
Orange Juice$4.20
Pepsi Max$4.40
Schweppes Lemonade$4.40
Lipton Ice Tea$4.80
Pepsi Max$5.30

Noodle Box Opening Hours:

Noodle Box menu

Noodle Box is present in various parts of Australia. The working hours may vary from place to place. In general, it works between 11 am- 9:30 pm on weekdays and weekends both.

You can visit the restaurant anytime between the above-mentioned slot and place your order. Also, you can call or visit its website to place your order. Further details about the timings, opening hours and delivery time are available on Noodle Box’s official website.

Noodle Box Locations Near me in Australia:

Noodle Box has various outlets across Australia. It has around, the headquarters being in Melbourne and Victoria. The other outlets are present in Westford, Caboolture, Warrnambool, Shepparton, Sydney, Mornington, Moonee Ponds, Malvern and many more.

Noodle Box has associated itself with Google Earth to help you locate yourself on the map and find the Noodle Box outlets near you.

Note: Noodle Box Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the Official Website of

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