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Mad Mex Delivery Menu Prices & Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Mad Mex is an Australian fresh Mexican food chain that started in 2007. “Your Body is your Temple.” Do you believe so? Mad Mex believes it. Many people think how fast food can be useful for health, but Mad Mex has proven it by providing fast and fresh Mexican food. If you’re ever stuck in the food choice war of quick bites vs. healthy food, Mad Mex is your solution.

They’ve everything that Mexican food can offer to deliver happiness to your tummy. Not only can you have them at their locations, but you can now order online as well. There is nothing less in Mad Mex Delivery Menu compared to their store food.

The unique selling point of the company is that Mad Mex believes in sharing knowledge. They don’t just feed your stomach, but also feed your mind with their recipes. They believe their food is super healthy, and that’s why they share the nutritional information of each of these dishes on their website, so you know what you’re feeding to your body.

Mad Mex Menu and Prices in Australia:

Mad Mex has a wide variety of food in their bucket. Their main menu is called Mad Mex styles, which include Burrito, Grande Melt, Quesadilla, Ensalada, Tacos, Nachos, and Naked Burrito. As they say, its fast yet healthy food, Burrito can be in your one hand, you can walk and eat.

A blend of black beans, sour creams, extra cheese, Pico de gallo, shredded lettuce in brown rice, with your chosen flavor of meat, is the best Burrito you can find in the Pacific. Mad Mex Delivery Menu doesn’t just end here; you’ll have many toppings and fillings as you want. Fillings include pork, beef, chicken, Chorizo, and veggie rancheros with roasted tomato salsa, guacamole, and salsa verde.

Now, comes the question of price, all dishes are very much affordable for your pocket. It can’t be expensive, being called fast food.

Combo x 1 
Small Burrito Combo$17.50
Small Naked Burrito Bowl Combo$17.50
Burrito Combo$21.00
Naked Burrito Bowl Combo$21.00
Quesadilla Combo$21.00
Ensalada Combo$21.00
Nachos Combo$21.50
Grande Melt Combo$21.50
Naked Burrito Bowl$14.00
Grande Melt$14.50
Combos x 4 or 10 
Taco Kit$45.00
Small Meals & Kids 
Corn Chips & Guacamole$5.00
Cheese Quesdilla$6.50
Small Burrito$10.50
Small Naked Burrito Bowl$10.50
Corn Chips$3.00
Guacamole Side$2.00
Mild Salsa Side$2.00
Medium Salsa Side$2.00
Spicy Salsa Side$2.00
Queso (Melted Cheese) Side$2.50
Pico De Gallo Side$2.00
Grande Guacamole$8.00
Grande Chicken Grilled$8.00
Grande Chorizo$8.00
Grande Veggie Rancheros With Tofu$8.00
2 x Churros + Chocolate$6.50
2 x Churros + Dulce De Leche $6.50
Pepsi Max Can$3.50
Solo Can$3.50
Sunkist Can$3.50
Australian Spring Water$3.50
Organic Kombucha - Lemon, Lime & Mint$5.50
Organic Kombucha - Ginger Lemon$5.50
Organic Kombucha - Raspberry Lemonde$5.50
Mexican Jarritos - Cola$6.00
Mexican Jarritos - Guava$6.00
Mexican Jarritos - Lime$6.00
Mexican Jarritos - Watermelon$6.00
Mexican Jarritos - Mandarin$6.00
Mexican Jarritos - Pineapple$6.00

Mad Mex Opening Hours:

Mad Mex menu

Mad Mex is the only place where you can have the best combination of fast food, healthy food, and cheap food. To improve health, they are open at maximum hours of the day. Most of their stores are open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. However, each store has a different timing according to its operations, peak hours, and cultural priorities. Exact details of their store-wise schedules can be seen on their website.

Also, they deliver these foods via Uber Eats and Deliveroo, so you do not need to worry about delays in delivery.

Mad Mex Locations Near me in Australia:

Mad Mex has more than 100 locations in different states of the Kangaroo nation. In all these 100 locations, they’ve got the best quality Mexican fresh food. Even with so many locations, they haven’t deviated from the quality of food.

To find their locations near you, all you got to do is to open their webpage and locate the store. Enter your area name, and you’ll get to see the pins of the nearest stores as red pins on their map. They’re also accessible via Google Maps.

Note: Mad Mex Menu is valid in states of Australia NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more, visit the Official Website of

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