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Vue de Monde Delivery Menu prices and Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Vue de Monde is a prime restaurant with the perfect ambiance. Once you go there you will never stop visiting this restaurant. The atmosphere of this place is ideal and unsurpassable. The food they serve is unmatchable. Food is of the best quality here. The chef and the staff here appreciate any kind of feedback because they treat their customers like family. Vue de monde also allows the delivery of food. The Vue De monde delivery menu is just as fantastic as the outlet one.

You can order your favorite dishes at home now. The chefs at Vue de Monde are among the top chefs in the world. The menu here is inspired by European dishes and many other regions. Food delivery is equally important for the staff. This restaurant has a great view and feels that it attracts customers.

You will never be disappointed with the service and gratification of the staff at Vue de Monde. All over Australia, everyone is complimenting this luxurious restaurant. You will never hear anything negative about Vue de Monde. They take ultimate care of the food as well as the service. The delivery of food is equally commendable.

Vue De Monde Delivery Menu and Prices in Australia:

There are several options available at Vue de Monde. You can choose different cuisine whichever you love the most. You can also try some new dishes if you are a foodie. Any kind of customization is applicable according to your taste and health requirement.

Vue de Monde delivery menu also contains their best dishes. You can try Chef’s Special if you cannot think of anything specific. There are other combos for a meal for one if you don’t have much appetite. The price may seem a little high but with the ambiance and the service, it is affordable.

Chef's Tasting Menu $310 Per Person
Moonlight Flat Clair de Lune oyster with Australian condiments
Tasmanian sea urchin with caviar and bunya bunya
Cured Kingfish, avocado and Tasmanian wasabi
Chard Romaine Lettuce with Mud crab, native pesto and koji
Mud crab snags with cucumber and tarragon
Flatbread with homemade cultured butter
Western Australian marron “curry”
Watermelon and pink peppercorn sorbet
Cured kangaroo with asparagus and wild garlic
Blackmore Wagyu, lovage and horseradish
A trolley of cheese
Barney Banana & roasted kelp
Chocolate soufflé with espresso ice cream
Sheep’s yoghurt ice cream, Muntari berries and Geraldton wax
A selection of Australian biscuits

Vue de Monde Opening Hours:

Vue de Monde menu

The opening hours of Vue de Monde are the same from Monday to Wednesday that is from 6 pm to 12 am. While from Thursday to Sunday the hours are 12 pm to 3 pm and 6 pm to 12 am. You can order anything from the menu at any time they are open. There might be no availability issue regarding time or resources. The seating here is from a single person to 10 people.

The cutlery and other vessels look simple yet elegant. The decorum of this place is incomparable. Vue de Monde has various menus for different occasions. The general menu contains 14 to 17 courses.

Vue de Monde Near me in Australia:

Vue de Monde is a classic luxurious restaurant. Though they do not have many outlets, they are among the top restaurants in the world. The experience there is so mesmerizing that anyone would travel miles to enjoy this place. Your location may not contain this restaurant but you do not want to miss the opportunity of visiting this place at least once. In Melbourne, everyone who can afford this place might be a regular customer. You can locate this place in the maps and enjoy this ambiance.

Note: Vue de Monde Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSM, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the Official website of

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