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Top Juice Menu Prices & Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Initiated as a small, family-run business, Top Juice has now evolved into a food chain. Over the years, it has maintained the freshness which its fruits impart. It was started in Sydney’s Double Bay back in the early nineteens. It still has its original owner-Ali Sawan. It is now delivering the best freshness across Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland. It ensures the best quality ingredients for its loyal customers.

Their wonderful, natural raw material is what makes them different. They select the most mouth-watering and juicy fruits which make the best salads, juices, smoothies in Australia.  They are 100% natural and free from preservatives. Top Juice Delivery Menu changes seasonally but keeps on providing you delicious and healthy fruits and foods.

In the scorching heat, what is that you need the most? What is something that can quench your thirst with the utmost satisfaction? It’s fresh sweet juice. So, whenever you have a craving for fresh juices, why to incline towards the packed juices? Packed juices contain preservatives that are not good enough. Top Juice should be your first priority whenever you think of fruit juices, shakes, and salads.


Top Juice Menu and Prices in Australia:

Top juice has always aimed at proving you the fresh produce. Top Juice Delivery Menu contains fresh fruits cut with love. This menu will offer you with best juice blends. These fruit combinations will always prove to be the best quenching juices and shakes.

They provide you veggie juices, fruit juices, smoothies, frappes, and the most nutritious protein juices. Superfoods, cold press, and dairy-free foods are not behind in the race of popularity among the Top Juice favorites. Popularity always means brand. It doesn’t always come along with high rates. So, this is also true with Top Juice. Top Juice offers you fresh juices across the country at affordable prices.

Super Foods 
Acai Bowl$12.50
Dragon Jar$12.50
Create Your Own 
Fresh Juice$8.90
Melon MixLarge - $7.50
Family - $12.50
100% Natural Plain YoghurtMedium - $8.50
Large - $10.15
Family - $13.75
Organic Vegan Coconut YoghurtSmall - $11.25
Medium - $13.25
Garden Salads 
Kale & QuinoaSmall - $9.25
Medium - $10.50
Large - $11.50
Family - $13.50
Grilled Chicken SaladSmall - $9.25
Medium - $10.50
Large - $11.50
Family - $13.50
Chicken DukkahSmall - $9.25
Medium - $10.50
Large - $11.50
Family - $13.50
Eggplant & LentilSmall - $9.25
Medium - $10.50
Large - $11.50
Family - $13.50
Penne Pasta SaladSmall - $9.25
Medium - $10.50
Large - $11.50
Family - $13.50
Fruit Salad 
Fruit SaladSmall - $8.90
Medium - $10.15
Large - $11.15
Family - $13.15
Yoghurt With Topping 
Pistachio & CranberrySmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Mixed Berry YoghurtSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Toasted Muesli Strawberry Banana DriedSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Mango YoghurtSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Strawberry Banana Passionfruit YoghurtSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Apple Crumble YoghurtSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Cacao Crunch YoghurtSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Granola Acai YoghurtSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Family - $12.75
Protein Balls 
Caramel Crunch Turmeric$4.40
Coconut Choco Chip$4.40
Cashew and Cacao$4.40
Something Sweet 
Bircher MuesliSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.75
Large - $10.75
Bircher MuesliFamily - $12.75
Rice PuddingSmall - $8.50
Medium - $9.50
Large - $11.15
Chia Pudding$9.00
Chocolate Dipped Fruit 
Milk Chocolate Strawberry$3.25
Dark Chocolate Banana$3.25
Milk Chocolate Banana$3.25
Dark Chocolate Strawberry$3.25
Summer Set Smoothie$9.30
Havana Smoothie$9.30
Tropbanana Smoothie$9.30
Acai MIx Smoothie$9.30
Triple Berry Smoothie$9.30
Bluebana Smoothie$9.30
Paradise Smoothie$9.30
Palm Smoothie$9.30
Dairy Free Smoothies 
Cocobana $11.25
Jungle Green$11.25
Strawberry Cream$11.25
Date Me$11.25
Mighty Mango$11.25
Pink Dragon$11.25
Green Smoothie 
Cacao Protein ShakeMedium - $11.25
Big Hit Protein ShakeMedium - $11.25
Quinoa Mango Green ShakeMedium - $11.25
Chia Green Protein ShakeMedium - $11.25
Breakfast Smoothie 
Brazilian Blend SmoothieMedium - $11.25
Bircher Blend SmoothieMedium - $11.25
Big Breakfast Blend SmoothieMedium - $11.25
Melon Mix 
Watermelon PiecesLarge - $7.50
Family - $12.50
Pineapple & Honeydew MelonLarge - $7.50
Family - $12.50
Fresh Coconut  
Top Juice Water575ml - $3.00
Coconut WaterPoured in a Cup - $6.80
Cut with Coconut Flesh - $7.80
Fresh Juices 
Feel Good Juice$8.80
Jungle Juice$8.80
Berried Treasure Juice$8.80
Pear Flair Juice$8.80
Easy Tropical Juice$8.80
Berry Delight Juice$8.80
Happy Juice$8.80
Citrus Mix Juice$8.80
Freshly Pressed Pomegranate Juice$10.00
Freshly Pressed Mandarin Juice$10.00
Veggie Juices 
Slim Grin Juice$8.80
Red Rush Juice$8.80
Minty Mix Juice$8.80
Green Grin Juice$8.80
Ruby Green Juice$8.80
Purple Power Juice$8.80
Easy Green Juice$8.80
Super Veggie Juice$8.80
Two Seasons Frappe$9.30
Pineberry Frappe$9.30
Acai Crush Frappe$9.30
Minty Fresh Frappe$9.30
Gold Crush Frappe$9.30
Cool Breeze Frappe$9.30
Protein Shakes 
Shake 1$10.30
Shake 2$10.30
Shake 3$10.30
Shake 4$10.30
Shake 5$10.30
Shake 6$10.30

Top Juice Opening Hours:

Top Juice menu

Top Juice wants you to enjoy the freshness and richness of nature’s most juicy fruits anytime. So, it is open from 9 A.M. to around 10:00 P.M. So, you can check into the nearest Top Juice bar anytime and get lost into its unique blends. The most hydrating and iced juices are waiting for your orders. The most popular Acai bowl will make you forget all your day’s worries and will let you into another world. So, what are you waiting for? Make your summers more hydrating at Top Juice bar.

Top Juice Locations Near me in Australia:

This is a juice bar chain. So, you will see its multiple outlets everywhere you go. But your cravings cannot wait for you to decide, which is the nearest. So visit their website to find out the nearest bar. This link will first request your current location and then will help you out to reach the nearest bar.

So, these summers, take a pledge not to resort to the preserved fruits. Visit Top Juice once to get into complete love with its juices, shakes and fresh foods.

Note: Top Juice Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the official website of

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