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TGI Friday Delivery Menu Prices & Hours Australia [Near Me]

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TGI Friday started in New York as a fantastic party corner of 63rd & first. The place had such an amazing ambiance that every group of friends made it their hangout place. The specialty of this restaurant is the most delicious, mouth-watering, and amazing, hot food that can make minds and tummies go round.

The restaurant is a decent count of chains across the Aussie nation and serves delicious American cuisine right from the grill. Also, beer is their second signature menu item. As they say, ‘the drinks keep flowing”. At TGI Friday, you’ll enjoy any day of the week like a Friday. Today, TGI Friday is the new synonym for Friday.

TGI Friday Australia doesn’t just let you enjoy out at their restaurant, it serves you equally well at your home, calling it a ‘Friday At Home.’ Friday At home menu a.k.a TGI Friday Delivery Menu is just right around the corner, whenever you need, whatever you need.

TGI Friday Menu and Prices in Australia :

TGI Friday has a long list of delicious and exquisite dishes in the basket. TGI Friday delivery menu and restaurant menu makes one speechless. Their food range is from starters, wings, burgers, wraps, salads, ribs, mains, steaks, fresh mix, sides, desserts to drinks. As your first bite on the table, they’ll offer you signature loaded potato skin, signature twisters, crispy chicken strips, cracked pepper calamari, and many more.

You can order wings or Fresh Mexican food including Nachos of three different types, fajitas, and quesadillas. Burgers are something that they should flaunt and be proud of. Chicken BLT, Carolina crispy chicken, Vegan cheeseburger, and many others.

It’s not just food that they offer but drinks too. You’ll hardly find a table without glasses at any time. Drinks flow at tables. They’ve kids special items and desserts as well to make sure your kid goes happy and you too end your dinner on a sweet note. As far as prices are concerned, it will not be a lot to your pocket at all. It’s one of the easy to go and cheap party corners across the kangaroo nation.

Starters To Share 
Garlic Bread$12.90
Mac "N" Cheese Bites$15.50
Southwest Potato Skins$17.50
Cheese & Bacon Potato Skins$17.50
Cracked Pepper Calamari$17.50
FRIDAY Signature Glaze Chicken Strips$18.50
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Strips$18.50
Pork Belly Sliders$19.90
FRIDAYS Three For All$49.50
Cajun Fettuccine (Vegan)$22.90
Cracked Pepper Calamari & Fries$26.50
Cajun Chicken & Prawn Pasta$29.90
Chicken Tenders$26.50
Fish & Chips$29.90
FRIDAYS Signature Glaze Chicken$31.90
Signature Ribs  
Pork Ribs$37.90
Beef Ribs600gm - $37.90
FRIDAYS Signature Platter$65.90
Chicken Wings 
Smokey Chipotle and Honey Wings6 Wings - $15.50
12 Wings - $21.90
18 Wings - $36.50
Buffalo Wings (Gluten Free)6 Wings - $15.50
12 Wings - $21.90
18 Wings - $36.50
FRIDAYS Signature Glaze Wings6 Wings - $15.50
12 Wings - $21.90
18 Wings - $36.50
Honey Soy and Garlic6 Wings - $15.50
12 Wings - $21.90
18 Wings - $36.50
Texas BBQ Spicy Wings6 Wings - $15.50
12 Wings - $21.90
18 Wings - $36.50
Handcrafted Burgers 
FRIDAYS Bacon Cheeseburger$24.90
Chicken BLT Burger$26.50
FRIDAYS Signature Glaze Single Stack Burger$26.50
FRIDAYS Signature Glaze Ultimate Burger$31.90
Carolina Crispy Burger$27.50
Vegan Cheeseburger$29.50
Texas Cowboy BBQ Burger$30.90
Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap$24.50
Chicken Caesar Wrap$24.50
Shoestring Fries (Vegan, Gluten Free)$6.50
Thick Cut Steak Fries$8.90
Sweet Potato Fries$8.90
Mashed Potato (Vegan, Gluten Free)$6.50
Seasonal Vegetables$7.50
Garden Salad To Share (Vegan, Gluten Free)$7.50
Slaw (Gluten Free)$7.50
Onion Rings$9.90
Brussel Sprouts With Bacon$10.90
Chicken Fingers$10.90
Hot Dog $10.90
Grilled Chicken Breast$10.90
FRIDAYS Caesar Salad$17.50
Burrito Bowl$20.90
Cobb Salad$21.90
Burrito Bowl With Chicken (Gluten Free)$26.90
S'Mores Brownie$16.50
Soft Drinks330ml Glass Bottle - $5.90

TGI Friday Opening Hours:

TGI Friday menu

TGI Friday is open for more than 14 hours a day at most of their restaurants across Australia. It is not about selling food during the day; it is about selling the legacy and serving the fun-factor. Most of the restaurants of TGI Friday are open from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm. However, it differs from region to region. For delivery also, they operate at the same timing. There are no extra delivery hours.

TGI Friday Locations Near me in Australia:

TGI Friday has over 1000 locations worldwide. In Aussie land, they have 14 locations. It started in 1995 in Melbourne, and the rest is history. It is relatively easy to find its location. All you have to do is to either go on Google Maps or use their location tracer option on their website. They deliver the same quality and variety of food from each location to your Home parties, via delivery partners Uber Eats and Menulog.

Note: TGI Friday Menu is valid in states of Australia NSW, VIC, WA, and SA. For more visit the Official Website of

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