Subway Delivery Menu Prices & Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Having 1298 outlets in Australia, Subway is the most and only favorite restaurant that offers you to choose the ingredients of your meal. At Subway Australia, you’re not just a customer, but a Chef too.

If you’re chilling at home, watching Netflix, but still hungry. Don’t worry. Subway now delivers! Subway takes care of your order and delivers it to you via delivery partners. Subway’s delivery partners in Australia are Grub Hub, Door Dash, Uber Eats and Post Mates and they’ll get your food at your doorsteps. Need not to worry about the taste. It will be as delicious as it is at the outlets. And you know, you’re always welcome at their outlets.

Subway orders can be placed on the website at ease. All you need to do is to dive into the Subway website and select your area. Once done, choose your order. Subway delivery menu has plenty of options and each option is delicious enough to keep your stomach grumbling with hunger.

Subway Menu and Prices in Australia :

Australian Subway delivery menu has as many options as there are outlets. Believe it! And the best part is that all the menu options are available across Australia.

On the menu, they have all types of sandwiches, whether you love chicken classic, leg ham, roast beef or smashed falafel, we have got you covered. When you order, you’ll find 15+ types of salads to put on your meal, 10+ breakfast types, 10+ wraps including grilled ones, chocolates, drinks, smoothies, Bacon and many more.

Wait, what? Your kid is “hangry”? They have Kid’s special a.k.a Kids’ Pak. Order and their team will rush to get you the meal ASAP.

Their prices are grounded as earth. Take a sigh of relief if you’re worried about home delivery. Their sandwiches’ price range is between just $8-$12. Extras price is $1-$3. Please check all prices on the website.

Meatball melt Subway Six Inch$7.85
Leg Ham Subway Six Inch$7.25
Veggie Delite with Avocado Subway Six Inch$7.25
Pizza Melt Subway Six Inch$7.25
Roast Beef Subway Six Inch$8.70
Veggie Patty Subway Six Inch$8.70
Tuna and Mayonnaise Subway Six Inch$8.70
Smashed Falafel Subway Six Inch$8.70
Italian B.M.T Subway Six Inch$8.80
Carved Turkey Subway Six Inch$8.80
Chicken Teriyaki Subway Six Inch$9.85
Chicken Classic Subway Six Inch$9.85
Chicken Strips Subway Six Inch$9.85
Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt Subway Six Inch$10.40
Chicken Schnitzel Subway Six Inch$10.40
Buffalo Chicken Subway Six Inch$9.85
Chipotle Steak Melt Subway Six Inch$10.15
Pesto Chicken Subway Six Inch$10.05
Tzatziki Steak with Feta Subway Six Inch$10.15
Leg Ham Subway Footlong$10.90
Pizza melt Subway Footlong$10.90
Veggie Delite with Avocado Subway Footlong$10.90
Meatball Melt Subway Footlong$11.55
Roast Beef Subway Footlong$12.20
Veggie Patty Subway Footlong$12.20
Tuna and Mayonnaise Subway Footlong$12.20
Smashed Falafel Subway Footlong$12.70
Carved Turkey Subway Footlong$12.45
Italian B.M.T Subway Footlong$12.45
Chicken Classic Subway Footlong$13.35
Chicken Teriyaki Subway Footlong$13.35
Chicken Strips Subway Footlong$13.35
Buffalo Chicken Subway Footlong$13.35
Chipotle Steak Melt Subway Footlong$13.90
Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt Subway Footlong$14.50
Chicken Schnitzel Subway Footlong$14.50
Pesto Chicken Subway Footlong$13.85
Tzatziki Steak With Feta Subway Footlong$13.90
Leg Ham Wrap$7.25
Pizza melt Wrap$7.25
Veggie Delt With Avocado Wrap$7.25
Meatball Melt Wrap$7.85
Veggie Patty Wrap$8.70
Roast Beef Wrap$8.70
Tuna and Mayonnaise Wrap$8.70
Smashed Falafel Wrap$8.70
Italian B.M.T Wrap$8.80
Carved Turkey Wrap$8.80
Chicken Teriyaki Wrap$9.85
Chicken Classic Wrap$9.85
Chicken Strips Wrap$9.85
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$9.85
Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt Wrap$10.40
Chicken Schnitzel Wrap$10.40
Chipotle Steak Melt Wrap$9.55
Pesto Chicken Wrap$10.05
Tzatziki Steak with Feta Wrap$10.15
Habanero Chilli Tuna Grilled Wrap$8.05
Italiam B.M.T Grilled Wrap$8.40
Pesto Chicken Grilled Wrap$9.20
Chipotle Steak Melt Grilled Wrap$9.55
Tzatziki Steak with Feta Grilled Wrap$10.15
Leg Ham Salad$7.25
Veggie Delite with Avocado Salad$7.25
Pizza Melt Salad$7.25
Meatball Melt Salad$7.85
Veggie Patty Salad$8.70
Roast Beef Salad$8.70
Tuna and Mayonnaise Salad$8.70
Smashed Falafel Salad$8.70
Carved Turkey Salad$8.80
Italian B.M.T Salad$8.80
Chicken Teriyaki Salad$9.85
Chicken Classic Salad$9.85
Chicken Strips Salad$9.85
Chicken And Bacon Ranch melt Salad$10.40
Chicken Schnitzel Salad$10.40
Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.85
Chipotle Steak Melt Salad$10.15
Pesto Chicken Salad$10.05
Tzatziki Steak with Feta Salad$10.15
Pizza Melt Panini$9.20
Mediterranean Veggie Panini$9.20
Chicken and Bacon Ranch melt Panini$11.55
Pesto Chicken Panini$11.55
Buffalo Chicken Panini$11.55
Tzatziki Steak with Feta Panini$12.45
Egg and Cheese Subway Six Inch$7.25
Ham, Egg and Cheese Subway Six Inch$8.45
BBQ Bacon and Egg Subway Six Inch$8.45
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Panini$9.55
Egg and Cheese Panini$9.55
Ham, Egg and Cheese Panini$10.80
BBQ Bacon and Egg Panini$10.80
Egg and Cheese Subway Footlong $10.90
Ham, Egg and Cheese Subway Footlong$12.10
BBQ Bacon and Egg Subway Footlong$12.10
Leg Ham Mini Sub$8.05
Carved Turkey Mini Sub$8.05
Roast Beef Mini Sub$8.05
Veggie Delite with Avocado Mini Sub$8.05
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie (970kJ)$1.40
Chocolate Chip Cookie (955kJ)$1.40
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (886kJ)$1.40
Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookie (884kJ)$1.40
Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie (853kJ)$1.40
CookiesPack of 3 - $3.50
Pack of 6 - $5.80
Pack of 12 - $11.50
Cheesy Garlic Toastie$3.40
Garlic and Herb Toastie$3.40
Avocado Toastie$3.40
M2GO Flavoured Milk Chocolate (703kJ)250 ml $2.90
Mt Franklin (0kJ)350 ml $3.30
600 ml $4.00
Apple Juice (374kJ)200 ml $3.35
Lipton Iced Tea Peach (410kJ) 500 ml $4.65
Daily Juice Orange (765kJ)500 ml $4.65
Soft Drinks1.25 L $5.80
600 ml $4.75
Powerade Flo Mountain Blast (628kJ)600 ml $5.05
Mt Franklin Lightly Sparkling (0kJ)1.25 L $5.80

Subway Opening Hours :

Hunger doesn’t give any notification before coming. Subway understands this. Therefore, their outlets are open for many hours. Few outlets in Australia are open 24*7. In most parts of Australia, Subway opening and closing hours are 7.00 am to 9.30 pm.

Also, delivery can be done at all possible places during open hours, depending on your location. Subway’s delivery hours are from 11 am to 6 pm (as per Internet sources).

For specific delivery hours, please refer to the store locator section on the website. Collection-at-store is up after 10 am to closing (as per Internet sources).

Subway Locations Near me in Australia :

Subway has made it very easy for you to find the nearest Subway outlet from your home so that you can quickly go and grab a bite. On their website, you will find ‘find a Subway’, to help you. You will have to enter your area name or zip code to find the nearest store. Also, you can filter the open locations so that you don’t face any disappointment when you head out of home for Subway.


Note: Subway Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the official website of

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