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All the chocolate lovers, just circle around, dance joyously and protrude out all that love. San Churro is Australia can fulfill your lust for chocolate in the newest ever taste. It can make you believe in the power of innovation and creativity.

Inspired by the Spanish ritual of gathering, sharing and indulging in the joy of chocolate, San Churro stands to provide you the unexpected. San Churro delivery menu is prepared by all the Choco-lovers, which have one commonality: a sweet love for choco. San Churro is Australia’s most loved sweet treat café.

You will definitely love the traditional Spanish doughnuts, decadent desserts, premium chocolate shakes, hot chocolate and much more. For all the vegans, no stress! You can have a dark chocolate dip, vegan milk chocolate, and cookie butter. In fact, the traditional recipes for Churros are vegan!

Churros are fresh Spanish doughnuts. Cinnamon sugar is then spread on it and is served with Spanish imported chocolate. This is the best place for vegan chocolate lovers and people looking for low gluten options.

San Churro Menu and Prices in Australia:

San Churro delivery menu provides you with the best chocolate menu in Australia. Gold Chocolate Menu, Tepas Menu, Hot chocolate Menu, Ice cream menu, premium shakes, Spanish Churros menu, vegan options menu, fair-trade and organic coffee menu, desserts and cakes menu, smoothies and cold drinks menu.

You will get all there and we guarantee that you will love each one of them. The uniqueness of this menu lies in the variety it can hold. The chocolate variety! It undoubtedly offers the best chocolate blends in Australia and will satisfy your craving to its best.

Double Churros Offer 
Churros For One$12.00
Churros For Two$18.00
Package Deals 
Easter Pack #1$15.00
Easter Pack #2$30.00
WFH Essentials Pack$15.00
The Social Distancing Survival Pack$25.00
Family ISO Sanity Feast$30.00
Treat Yourself Pack$35.00
BFFs 4ever & Ever Pack$55.00
Sweet As Bro Pack$55.00
Couple's Night In$30.00
Churros Fiesta$42.00
Churros Fries$12.00
Rocky Road Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Honeycomb Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Cookies Fudge Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Macaron Churro Snack Pack$20.00
Chocolate Crackle Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Fairy Bread Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Nerds Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Cookie Butter Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Unicorn Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Gold Churros For Two Chocolate Tasting Journey$25.00
Gold Churros & Fruit For Two$25.00
Treasure Trove$20.00
Gold Churros For Two$19.00
Gold Churros For One$13.00
Churros Fiesta$42.00
Churros & Fruit For Two$22.00
Churros Snack Pack$20.00
Cookie Butter Obsessed$20.00
Strawberry Chocolate Fondue$15.00
Two Filled Churros$12.00
Spanish Choc-Hazelnut Filled Churros$8.00
Cookie Butter Filled Churros$8.00
Kids Churros$7.00
Ice Cream 
Ice Cream$18.00
Caramel and Cookie Dough Slice$7.00
Rocky Road Slice$7.00
Red Velvet Slice$7.00
New York Cheesecake$9.00
Flourless Chocolate Cake$9.50
San Churro Chocolate Cake$10.00
Death By Chocolate Cake$10.00
Chocolate Brownie$7.00
Lemon And Raspberry Meringue Pie$10.00
Chocolate Volcano$10.00
Salted Caramel and Banana Volcano$10.00
Real Chocolate Cakes 
Midas Touch$11.00
Choc Honeycomb Crunch$11.00
Birthday Cake$11.00
Choco Loco$11.00
Cookies and Cream$11.00
Vegan Milk Chocolate Choco Loco$12.00
Hot Chocolate  
Golden GatsbySmall - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
White Hot ChocolateSmall - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
Milk Hot ChocolateSmall - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
Dark Hot ChocolateSmall - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
MochaSmall - $7.50
Regular - $8.50
Large - $9.50
Half & HalfSmall - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
Classic Thick SpanishSmall - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
Azteca (With Chilli)Small - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
Naughty & NiceSmall - $8.00
Regular - $9.00
Large - $10.00
Coffee & Tea  
CappuccinoSmall - $4.70
Regular - $5.30
Large - $5.70
LatteSmall - $4.70
Regular - $5.30
Large - $5.70
Flat WhiteSmall - $4.70
Regular - $5.30
Large - $5.70
Long BlackSmall - $4.40
Regular - $5.00
Large - $5.40
Piccolo Latte$4.40
Spanish LatteSmall - $5.20
Regular - $5.80
Large - $6.20
Chai LatteSmall - $5.20
Regular - $5.80
Large - $6.20
MacchiatoSmall - $4.70
Regular - $5.30
Large - $5.70
Cold Drinks 
Green Tea & Blueberry Iced Tea$10.00
Peach & Lemon Iced Tea$10.00
Mango Smoothie$10.00
Berry & Pomegranate Smoothie$10.00
Chocolate Frappe$10.00
Coffee Frappe$10.00
Cookie Butter Frappe$11.00
Easter Lollichoc$6.00
Premium Chocolate Bunny LollichocMale - $10.00
Female - $10.00
Specklies Easter Half Egg$10.00
Mini Eggs Half Egg$10.00
Rocky Road Cluster Half Egg$10.00
Chocolate FrogMilk - $3.00
Dark - $3.00
White - $3.00
Large Specklie$4.00
Chocolate Moustache$4.00
Chocolate Umbrella$4.00
Mini Chocolate BarMilk - $4.00
Dark - $4.00
Chocolate BarMilk - $7.00
Dark - $7.00
Gold - $8.00
Vegan Milk - $8.00
Chocolate Lollichoc$6.00
Strawberries and Cream Lollichoc$6.00
Mocha Beans$9.00
Milk Chocolate Cookie Fudge Clusters$10.00
Dark Chocolate Cookie Fudge ClustersMedium - $10.00
Large - $12.00
Caramel Peanut ClustersMedium - $10.00
Large - $12.00
Coconut CubesMedium - $10.00
Large - $12.00
Honeycomb Medium - $10.00
Large - $12.00
MaltballsMedium - $10.00
Large - $12.00
PretzelsMedium - $10.00
Large - $12.00
SpeckliesMedium - $10.00
Large - $12.00
Rocky Road$12.00
Hand Made ChocolatesBox of 4 - $12.00
Box of 9 - $27.00
Box of 18 - $54.00
Chocolate BudsMilk - $15.00
Dark - $15.00
Gold - $15.00
Any 2 Chocolate PouchesMedium - $18.00
Large - $22.00
Spanish Hot Chocolate Powder$17.00
Spanish Hot Chocolate Tin$20.00
Box of Macarons$20.00
Chocolate Gift Tin$45.00
Cafe De La Casa Coffee Beans$60.00

San Churro Opening Hours:

San Churro menu

Cheers to all the chocolate lovers! This café is open for almost the longest hours- 9:00 A.M. to 1 A.M. They understand the cravings, chocoholics have. Order your favorite Chocó-taste easily! It’s easy and economical too. Don’t worry, they wouldn’t charge you extravagantly. They are as genuine as is your love for chocolates!

Wake up in the morning with a chocolate shake or coffee, celebrate the day with cakes and desserts and end your day’s dinner with perfectly blended, lip-smacking chocolate and ice-cream. So, chocoholics! San Churro is there. If you haven’t visited yet, go and let the world know about your best chocolate experience.

San Churro Locations Near me in Australia:

There are almost 20 centers all over Australia. To quench your chocolate thirst as soon as possible, you need to know the nearest stores. You always deserve to get your choco-blend reach to you at the earliest. So, visit the official website to know the nearest store.

The Locations page will track your current location and will let you know the nearest San Churro café. Even for home delivery, this will always prove to be a smart move to first look at the closest stores.

Note: San Churro Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the official website of

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