Pizza Capers delivery menu prices and hours Australia (near me)

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Pizza Capers, as the name suggests, is a company that serves pizzas and other Italian cuisines. It has various outlet chains spread all over Australia. It is very successful in the Australian market and serves a variety of fast food options.

It has over 110+ outlets all over Australia. It believes in serving hot, fresh and ready-to-eat food. Mainly the outlets are spread over Queensland. It has over 90+ outlets. Its owner is the Retail Food Group.

Pizza Capers also offers a wide network of delivery. It serves delivery orders very quickly and hot. If you wish to get food delivery from Pizza Capers, either you can call any of its outlets or you can visit its official website to place the order. Pizza Capers Delivery Menu has a lot of options and variety, wherein you can choose the best food for yourself. It has a great variety of pizzas and other Italian foods. It also offers a few dessert options to accompany the food.

Pizza Capers Menu and Prices in Australia:

Pizza Capers has always been able to serve its people with the best dishes. Pizza Capers delivery menu serves the people tasty and fresh eating options. It offers a wide range of pizzas, pasta, wings, and bread. Along with this, they also offer a good variety of starters, desserts, and drinks. It offers over 35+ types of pizzas, 6+ types of pasta, 5+ variety in wings and over 18+ types of bread.

They mainly specialize in Wafflicken pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, butter chicken pizza, butter chicken wings, and buffalo chicken wings. In starters, they offer chicken bites, prawns, dips and different types of salads. You can accompany your food with a variety of cold beverages that Pizza Capers offers. When it comes to desserts, Pizza Capers show up a wide variety including brittles, pancakes, crunches, banoffee calzones and cupcakes.

The food is easily affordable at Pizza Capers. The pizza prices range from $16-$24. The pasta prices are fix being $14.95. The prices for wings are $8.95 and for bread, it is $5.95. The desserts range from $7-$10 and the drinks are available at an affordable amount of $4.95.

Meal Deal$6.95
Pizza Party Pack$62.90
Ultimate Feast$99.90
New Arrival 
Butcher's BlockLarge - $20.95
Chicken Pizza 
BBQ ChickenMedium - $15.95
Large - $19.95
Chicken SupremeMedium - $13.95
Large - $16.95
Seafood Pizza 
Garlic PrawnMedium - $15.95
Large - $19.95
Meat Pizza 
HawaiianMedium - $12.95
Large - $15.95
BBQ CheeseburgerMedium - $13.95
Large - $16.95
BBQ MeatloversMedium - $12.95
Large - $15.95
Super SupremeMedium - $12.95
Large - $15.95
Ultimate Hot & SpicyMedium - $13.95
Large - $16.95
Pepperoni LoversMedium - $11.45
Large - $12.95
Ham LoversMedium - $11.45
Large - $12.95
BBQ BeefMedium - $11.45
Large - $12.95
Veggie Pizza 
Veggie SensationMedium - $13.95
Large - $16.95
Cheese LoversMedium - $9.95
Large - $10.95
MargheritaMedium - $9.95
Large - $10.95
Garlic Bread$4.95
Cheesy Garlic Bread$5.95
Spud Bites$4.45
Cheesy Spud Bites$3.45
WingStreet Buffalo6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet Hickory & Brown Sugar6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet Honey Mustard6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet Honey Soy6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet Hot Chilli6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet Kickin' Bourbon6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet Smokey BBQ6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet Tandoori6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
WingStreet No Sauce6 Pack - $9.95
12 Pack - $16.95
24 Pack - $28.95
Creamy Garlic Dip$1.00
Tomato Sauce Dip$0.50
Sweet Chilli Sauce Dip$0.50
Ranch Sauce Dip$0.50
Golden Gaytime$9.45
Hershey's Cookie$8.45
Chocolate Mousse$4.95
Chocolate Lava Cake$5.45
Vanilla Ice Cup$1.50
Magnum Mini Classics$9.45
Pepsi 375ml$3.00
Pepsi Max 375ml$3.00
Solo 375ml$3.00
Mountain Dew Energised 375ml$3.00
7Up 375ml$3.00
Sunkist 375ml$3.00
Pepsi 1.25L$4.95
Pepsi Max 1.25L$4.95
7Up 1.25L$4.95
Mountain Dew Energised 1.25L$4.95
Solo 1.25L$4.95
Sunkist 1.25L$4.95

Pizza Capers opening Hours:

Pizza Capers menu

Pizza Capers have over 110+ outlets that are present in different parts of Australia. The opening hours of different outlets may vary.

The opening timings for Pizza Capers are the same on weekdays and weekends both. For lunch, the outlets generally open from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and for dinner, it opens from 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Clearly, it opens from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM with a half an hour break from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

Pizza Capers Locations Near me in Australia:

Pizza Capers is present in all parts of Australia, mainly in Queensland. It has 93 outlets in Queensland. Other outlets include Mawson ACT, Gungahlin ACT Bundaberg West, Launceston TAS, South Hedland WA and many more.

To order, you can directly visit any of its outlets during the above-mentioned time or contact the nearest outlet.

Note: Pizza Capers Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT.For more visit the official website of

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