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Nene Chicken Delivery Menu Prices and Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Nene Chicken in Australia is serving fried chicken since 1999 in the country. “NeNe” literally means ” Yes! Yes! ” in Korean. It gives the best of farm-fresh poultry chicken varieties with the most affordable prices. Nene Chicken pride themselves in delivering the Nene experience with their delivery partners. They together produce quality service and happy dining experience.

Nene Chicken is famous for its humongous menu and varieties it provides. If you want to experience a true taste of Korea, Nene chicken delivers by serving authentic Korean fried chicken. Nene Chicken Delivery Menu is having Wingettes and Drumettes, freaking hot, spicy fried chicken and whatnot.

Stomach rumbling, mouthwatering and lip licking activities are certainly the Nene effect. Nene Chicken home delivery provides you with the doorstep friend chicken and best of the Nene’s Menu.

Nene Chicken Menu and Prices in Australia:

Nene Chicken is serving throughout Australia and with the same crisp and crunch of its menu varieties. The most recognizable feature of the Nene Chicken Delivery Menu contains marinated, moist on the inside and crisp from the outside varieties of the chicken. They use a wide variety of Korean sauces that really reflects the taste and culture of the country.

Nene Chicken provides special offers on its menu for all the customers. It’s one of the features that is attracting many people to this food outlet. To save at Nene Chicken use promo code and discounts. Nene Chicken is getting famous also because it is reaching to un-touched places to give an authentic flavor of Korean fried chicken. This is one of the best food items on their ever-expanding menu.

Wingettes and Drumettes 
Original Wingettes and Drumettes4 Pcs - $6.95
8 Pcs - $13.55
12 Pcs - $18.95
30 Pcs (Party) - $41.95
Flavoured Wingettes and Drumettes4 Pcs - $7.95
8 Pcs - $15.55
12 Pcs - $22.95
30 Pcs (Party) - $49.95
Boneless Chicken 
Original - Boneless Chicken$34.95
Flavoured - Boneless Chicken$40.95
Korean Fried Chicken 
Original- Korean Fried ChickenRegular - $13.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
SwicyRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
Freaking HotRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
GarlicRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
BulgogiRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
Snowing VegetableRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
Snowing CheeseRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
LemonRegular - $13.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
MalaRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
Snowing ChilliRegular - $14.95
Large - $23.95
Jumbo - $38.95
Half and Half 
Half and Half - Boneless$42.95
Half and Half - Large$24.95
Half and Half - Jumbo$40.95
Half and Half Wingettes and Drumettes8 Pcs - $17.95
12 Pcs - $24.95
30 Pcs - $51.95
Original Chicken Wrap$12.95
Cheesy Kimchi Chicken Wrap$12.95
Original Chicken Burger$14.95
Kimchi Chicken Burger$15.95
Lunch Box 
Chicken Strips$7.95
Drumsticks Duo$12.90
ChipsRegular - $4.95
Large - $6.95
Sweet Potato Fries$5.85
Cheesy Sticks$5.95
Korean Garden Salad$6.95
Cheesy Mayo Chips$7.95
Extra Sauce 
Ranch Sauce$1.50
Mustard Sauce$1.50
Fusion Tacos 
Coleslaw Tacos$12.90
Bulgogi Tacos$12.90
Fraking Hot Tacos$12.90
Milkis 500ml - $4.95
1.5L - $6.95
Orange Juice300ml - $4.95
Soft Drinks600ml - $4.95
1.25L - $6.95
Lipton Ice Tea - Peach500ml - $4.95
Lipton Ice Tea - Green Tea Citrus500ml - $4.95
Lipton Ice Tea - Lemon500ml - $4.95
Lipton Ice Tea - Mango500ml - $4.95
Bundaberg Lemon Lime Bitters375ml - $4.95
Bundaberg Ginger Beer375ml - $4.95
Mount Franklin Still600ml - $3.95

Nene Chicken Opening Hours:

Nene Chicken menu

It is available with the same spontaneity and delicious food from morning to night. It opens at 11:30 am and shuts down at 10:30 pm. If you’re late from the office, you can pack the yummy food for kids. You can feel hungry at any time and that’s why Nene Chicken is available for you with their finger-licking food.

Nene Chicken facilitates its menu with Bulgogi and Orient green fried chicken and many other dishes. From teenagers to old age couples, Nene Chicken is the best place to go. It provides a wide range of menu with lunch box price and fusion tacos.

Nene Chicken Location Near me in Australia:

One can find the nearest Nene Chicken outlet by using their suburb or postcode and get the directions. Nene Chicken claims an intent to sell far more than a bit of yummy poultry. Nene Chicken aims to disperse its joyful soul by satisfying its customers through its food.

It grows with leaps and bounds growing its outlets to the far away parts of Australia. Nene Chicken also provides delivery options through its website. One needs to click on Find Nene Chicken Near Me to grab the best meals out there.

Note: Nene Chicken Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the Official Website of

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