Lone Star Rib House Delivery Menu Prices & Hours Australia [Near Me]

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Smile as wide as a mile and flavors as big as Texas. That’s what Lone Star Rib House is known for. They’ve got the most exotic, delicious and best Americano food that you have and you’ll ever see in Terra Australis. From fine vittles to big ribs and some exquisite desserts, their dishes are a gateway to end your dinner with a perfect moment.

Lone Star Rib House is a master of American cuisine and steakhouse. When you put your feet at their place, you’ll quickly get your table filled up with as many dishes of your choice. Before that, you’ll surely receive ‘Howdy Yawl’ from their team.

If you’re too lazy to go out to dinner to feel the fantastic ambiance and crazy fragrance of their food, they’ll deliver it to you with the same taste and aroma. Lone Star Rib House Delivery Menu that we are going to discuss can be delivered to your home in no time.

Lone Star Rib House Menu and Prices in Australia:

Their menu is much longer than their name. Their menu is perfectly synchronized with their name and fame.

In Lone Star Rib House Delivery Menu and lunch menu, they’ve Texan loaded steak fries, Chicken’ scratch’ Schnitzel, Big burgers, fresh salads, All reef no beef, Tiny Texan main meals, and ‘Naughty but nice’ desserts. It already feels like a lot. Wait, these are just a few categories we named, there’s a massive list of flavors in each category.

Fondue for two, T-bone steak, Baby back pork ribs, Sheriff’s rib tower, and California gold and green, all these are a few of their Chef’s Choices. Your pockets, as well as tummy, would be proud of you.

They only bring the flavors and culture of American cuisine, all their pork, chicken, ribs are from Australia alone, so, not expensive. Most of their dishes are below $20. Slow BBQ Ribs in 8 hours are their signature dish, which is in range of $34-$80.

Enticing Entrees 
Garlic & Herb Bread$9.45
Carolina Wings6 Wings - $9.95
12 Wings - $17.90
Baja Calamari$16.95
Amarillo Cheese Fries$12.95
Cajun Dusty Beer Battered Onion Rings$10.95
Sweet Memphis Mozarella Cheese $10.95
Special Combos 
Ribs & Wings Special For 2 - $34.95
1 kilo Ribs & 1 kilo Wings Special $59.95
Sharing PlatterFor 2 - $65.00
Mighty Meat-eor Nachos$19.95
3 Cheese Quesadilla$22.45
Fresh Salad Selection 
Sweet Chilli Salad$15.95
Bigger Burgers 
The Big Apple Mac n Cheese$17.95
The Texan Barbeque$18.95
The Old Dave Tribute$18.95
The Hawaii - 5.0$18.95
The BUffalo Chilli Chicken$18.95
Chicken "Scratch" Schnitzel 
California Gold & Green Schnitzel $28.95
All Reef No Beef 
Canadian Catch$29.95
Texas "Rib" Rangers - Low & Slow Signature BBQ Ribs 
Baby Back Pork Ribs$44.95
Beef Ribs$42.95
Meaty Pork Ribs$37.95
Tiny Texan Main Meals 
Junior Fish Fry$12.95
Chick A Dee$13.95
Denver Nuggets$10.95
Soft DrinksCan - $3.50
1.25L - $6.00
Water330ml - $4.00

Lone Star Rib House Opening Hours:

Most of their stores are open from 11:00 am to 09:00 pm. Each store’s timing differs a little bit as per peak hours and regional operations strategy. But you won’t miss your lunch and dinner on any day.

Also, they deliver food during opening hours via partners Menulog, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats, and they bring it to you in less than one turn of the clock. No compromise with taste, whether it’s you at their place or them at your home.

Lone Star Rib House Locations Near me in Australia:

They’re present with 21 stores in Queensland, Western Australia, and New South Wales. To find their nearest store, you can peep into their website and click on ‘Locations.’ You’ll get the list of their 21 stores. You can also search it via Google Maps, Menulog, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats website. Once found, you can listen to the demands of your tongue and stomach. By now, you must have got the taste of Americano in your buds.

Note: Lone Star Rib House Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, QLD, and WA. For more visit the Official Website of lonestarribhouse.com.au/.

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