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Frango Petersham Charcoal Chicken Restaurant kick-started in 1992 in the heart of Sydney’s Petersham. This restaurant is owned and run by a Portuguese family with the aim of serving the best Portuguese chicken dishes. And see where they are now! They still serve their best dishes with pride and generosity towards food, people visit the restaurant for famous charcoal chicken- a premium chicken meal for which they are counted among Australia’s top 10 best restaurants.

On Frango’s delivery menu, delicious and moist charcoal chicken and burgers are undoubtedly a premium quality dishes filled with the goodness of Portugee ingredients such as sauces and spices which is enough to set one’s heart on fire! The smokey flavours make it a Charcoal chicken, an ideal canvas for playing along with sauces and herbs.

Not to mention, the seasonings, marinades and sauces such as Piri Piri Chilli sauce are this restaurant’s key secret which makes it all addictive and mouth-watering. Don’t wait! Visit the store today and enjoy everything that’s on the list and enjoy the essence of Portuguese flavours, spices from Angola, service and surrounding atmosphere!

Frango’s Menu and Prices in Australia:

Frango’s delivery menu will take you to a whole new level of craving for burgers and grilled chicken dishes, meal or plate categorized as a quarter, half and whole. How hungry are you for chicken?

There are many options for chicken, skewered meat (Pork, Lamb and Beef), crunchy BBQ Pork, Chicken burgers served with secret chilli sauce, stuffed lettuce/ salad, mayo, and Starters such as Sevillian, Garlic Prawns and Chorizo. Side dishes include chips -Plain, salted and crunchy, in every aspect, you will love them. A unique range of salads and famous Portuguese desserts like Crème Caramel, Portuguese Tarts, Crème Brule and Grandmas delight their dessert’s category.

Sounds delicious right? Go visit the restaurant dine-in or take away that’s your choice. But you gotta try this restaurant while in Australia.

Original Portuguese Chicken Burger Combo$16.90
Frango Double Fillet Burger Combo$20.90
Hot Lover Burger Combo$18.90
Fiery Lover Burger Combo$20.90
All Day Breakfast Burger Combo$20.90
Barra Burger Combo$19.90
Veggie Burger Combo$16.90
Gourmet Chicken Ciabatta Combo$20.90
Gourmet Steak Ciabatta Combo$21.90
Quarter Charcoal Chicken Combo$14.50
Half Charcoal Chicken Combo$18.90
BBQ Lamb Rump Combo$26.00
BBQ Pork Belly Combo$24.00
Family Meals 
Whole Chicken Meal$39.50
Recession Buster Family Meal 1$49.50
Recession Buster Mega Family Meal 2$69.50
From The Grill 
Quarter Chicken$6.90
Half Chicken$10.90
Whole Chicken$19.90
BBQ Lamb Rump $22.00
BBQ Pork Belly$21.00
Original Burger $10.50
Double Fillet Burger$13.50
Hot Lover Burger$12.00
Fiery Lover Burger$13.00
All Day Breakfast Burger$13.50
Chicken Ciabatta$14.00
Steak Ciabatta$15.00
Barra Burger$13.00
Veggie Burger$10.50
Greek Salad Small - $8.90
Medium - $10.90
Large - $12.90
Tabouli Salad Small - $8.90
Medium - $10.90
Large - $12.90
Seafood Salad Small - $8.90
Medium - $10.90
Large - $12.90
Coleslaw Small - $8.90
Medium - $10.90
Large - $12.90
Mixed Bean Salad Small - $8.90
Medium - $10.90
Large - $12.90
Carrot & Bean Salad Small - $8.90
Medium - $10.90
Large - $12.90
Potato Salad Small - $8.90
Medium - $10.90
Large - $12.90
Shoestring Fries Medium $7.50
Large $11.50
Extra Large. $14.50
Rice (White) Small - $6.50
Medium - $7.50
Large - $9.50
Rice (Tomato) Small - $6.50
Medium - $7.50
Large - $9.50
Chilli Sauce Small - $2.50
Large - $4.50
Chilli & Mayo Small - $2.50
Large - $4.50
Mayo Small - $2.50
Large - $4.50
BBQ Sauce Small - $1.50
Large - $2.50
Tomato Sauce Small - $1.50
Large - $2.50
Chocolate Mousse$6.50
Grandma's Delight$6.50
Creme Caramel$6.50
Mount Franklin Water (600ml)$4.50
Soft Drinks (375ml)Coke - $4.00
Coke No Sugar - $4.00
Fanta - $4.00
Lift - $4.00
Sprite - $4.00
Soft Drinks (600ml)Coke - $6.00
Coke No Sugar - $6.00
Fanta - $6.00
Sprite - $6.00
Sumol CansPineapple - $4.50
Passionfruit - $4.50
Orange. - $4.50
JuiceOrange - $4.50
Apple - $4.50
Apple & Blackcurrant - $4.50
Iced TeaPeach - $5.50
Mango - $5.50
Lemon - $5.50

Frango’s Opening Hours:

Hunger might hit anything in a day. See around, search for Frango’s and have their amazing charcoal chicken and burger for your lunch for dinner.

Dine-In or take away your food from Frango’s at a suitable time. They are always there to welcome you. The restaurant opens at 10:30 am and gets closed by 9 pm from Monday – Saturday and on Sunday, the timings are from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Chill with your friends at the restaurant and enjoy Portuguese hospitality.

Frango’s Locations Near Me in Australia:

Services are available at locations in NSW. The new restaurant now opens in New Gregory Hills NSW. If you’re roaming around in the search of the new Frango’s restaurant, let your soul meet the taste and flavours of Portuguese cuisine.

The restaurant waits for your arrival. Visit the store and enjoy exotic charcoal/grilled chicken, burgers with salad and desserts. Call them for further assistant.

Note: Frango’s Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the official website of

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