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Started in 1998, El Jannah has gained much popularity in Australia and its surrounding communities. Aussies are crazy about chicken, and El Jannah serves top-notch exotic chicken dishes at their restaurant and home delivers as well. El Jannah Delivery Menu will give you a wide range of options for chicken and meat. Rich, creamy, succulent, tender, sweet chicken BBQ sauce lightens and spices your mood.

In Australia, El Jannah has many outlets located at different places making it accessible to all the chicken and meat lovers out there. How does anything so simple taste so good? Well, the expert chef plays an essential role in making it the most visited restaurant in Sydney. Visitors drive 10 miles to get the taste of El Jannah’s chicken specials and it’s all worth it!

But the good news for El Jannah’s chicken fans is that they are serving their menu online! Isn’t it great? Now you don’t have to travel off the edge of the city to taste this place’s delicious meat and chicken dishes. Chill at home, order online and enjoy the juicy, crispy chicken wings, kebabs, and rolls from the amazing El Jannah restaurant.

El Jannah Menu and Prices in Australia :

El Jannah delivery menu will take you to a whole new level of hunger. The express menu has 10+ range of chicken dishes, meals or plates categorized as a quarter, half and whole. Whole chicken and the family meal are good enough to make your mouth watery. The dishes serving for not more than $10 to $50.

Does your stomach crave for fried chicken? Don’t worry then El Jannah’s menu has wonderful options in the fried chicken category such as crispy stuffed rolls, tender chicken breast, wings. The sauce served along with these dishes make it compete and truly authentic.

Need no introduction for burgers! Yes, El Jannah has a variety of choices in burgers and salads. Want a healthy yet tasty food, go for El Jannah’s chicken salad $10.

1/4 EI Jannah Chicken Plate$12.50
1/2 EI Jannah Chicken Plate$18.50
Whole EI Jannah Chicken Plate$33.50
1/4 EI Jannah Chicken Meal$14.50
1/2 EI Jannah Chicken Meal$18.90
Whole Chicken Meal$37.90
Family Meal - New$67.90
Shawarma Meal$26.90
EJ Platter$37.90
Chicken Roll$13.00
Falafel Roll Vegetarian$10.90
Hot Chips Roll$9.90
Kafta Roll$13.00
Lahme Lamb Roll$13.00
Shawarma Roll$13.00
Soujouk Spicy Mince Roll$13.00
Tawouk Roll$13.00
Meats And Falafel 
Falafel Pieces$4.50
Skewers Combo$19.90
1/4 Chicken And Small Garlic Sauce$6.90
1/2 Chicken And Small Garlic Sauce$10.90
Whole Chicken Cut And 2 Small Garlic Sauce$19.90
Chicken Burgers 
Schnitzel Burger$12.90
Beef Burgers 
EJ Chef - New$12.90
EJ Beef Mushroom$12.90
Garden Salad$13.00
Mediterranean Salad$13.00
Chicken Salad$15.90
Chips $5.50
Babaghanouj $5.90
Lebanese Bread$3.00
Garlic Sauce$1.00
Chilli Sauce$1.00
EJ Sauce$4.00
Chef Sauce$4.00
Tahini Sauce$4.00
Tomato Sauce$2.00
BBQ Sauce$2.00
Sweet Chilli Sauce$2.00
Can of Drink$4.00
Bottle of Drink$5.50

El Jannah Opening Hours:

El Jannah values its visitors’ time and money. Thus, they have flexible opening and closing timings.

The restaurant opens at 11 am at all locations and closes at 11 pm for all locations from Monday-Sunday. For hommies who are tired to walk through the store, you can order the dishes anytime you feel your hunger! Don’t wait up more!

El Jannah Locations Near Me in Australia:

Want to order online? Go on their official website and click ‘ORDER ONLINE’. Their services are available at locations in NSW- PUNCHBOWL, KOGARAH, etc.

Treat your stomach with the healthiest and tasty Chicken rolls, wraps, meals and many more. You can rely on the quality as they choose chicken from Australia’s best growers.

Treat yourself and fall in love with El Jannah’s express and exotic dishes.

Note: El Jannah Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, OLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the official website of https://www.eljannah.com.au/

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