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Just imagine, you return home from a really tiring day at work. You’re in no mood of cooking or making yourself anything worth eating. The next thought that strikes your mind would be ordering yourself some delicious food from a restaurant nearby. But, making a choice of what to eat is yet another task. And as you are super hungry, you would always prefer something that will reach you to the soonest.

Well, in such a case a pizza or a pasta menu works the best. It takes minimum time to get cooked and gets delivered quickly. Crust Pizza is the best option you can go for in such a case.

Crust Pizza is a chain of restaurants specializing in Gourmet Pizzas. They have over 120 outlets in Australia as well as in some locations of New Zealand and Singapore too. Crust delivery menu ranges from pizzas and pasta to salads and desserts.


Crust outlets in Australia have a huge variety of delicacies to choose from. The menu options are the same in all the outlets across Australia. This makes it easier to make a choice about what is to be ordered.

Talking about the Crust PIZZA delivery menu, they have a variety of pasta, pizzas, salads, starters, beverages, and desserts. If you go for pizzas, you get to choose from 30+ varieties of pizzas which include vegan pizzas, vegetarian pizzas, pork, beef, and chicken. There are varieties of pasta, starters like chicken wings, garlic bread, etc.

You can choose the beverages and desserts which can be combined with your pizzas and pasta to make it a proper meal.

New Products 
Quattro Salumi (Med: 4500 kJ, LGE: 6770 kJ)$19.00
Garlic Confit Prawn (Med: 5020 kJ, LGE: 6720 kJ)$20.00
Chorizo Salsa Verde (Med: 6010 kJ, LGE: 7880 kJ)$19.00
Smokey BBQ Wings (4250 kJ)$9.50
Korean Gochujang Hot Wings (4320 kJ)$9.50
Paneer Masala (Med: 4950 kJ, LGE: 6350 kJ)$19.00
Peri Peri Jackfruit (Med: 4350 kJ, LGE: 6120 kJ) (Vegan Friendly)$19.00
Feta Slab Bowl (474 kJ)$13.00
Smokey BBQ Wings (4250 kJ)$9.50
Korean Gochujang Hot Wings (4320 kJ)$9.50
Herb And Garlic Sourdough (2442 kJ) (Vegan Friendly)$6.50
Herb And Garlic Squares (5010 kJ)$8.50
Upper Crust Pizzas 
Truffle Beef Rossini (10100 kJ)$25.00
Moroccan Lamb (7000 kJ)$25.00
Pulled Pork And Slaw (7680 kJ)$25.00
Peking Duck (7500 kJ)$26.00
Chicken Pizzas 
Vietnamese Chilli Chicken (Med: 5240 kJ, LGE: 7130 kJ)$19.00
Pesto Chicken Club (Med: 6070 kJ, LGE: 8190 kJ)$19.00
Peri-Peri (Med: 6140 kJ, LGE: 8400 kJ)$19.00
BBQ (Med: 4920 kJ, LGE: 6900 kJ)$19.00
Meat Pizzas 
Quattro Salumi (Med: 4500 kJ, LGE: 6770 kJ)$19.00
Chorizo Salsa Verde (Med: 6010 kJ, LGE: 7880 kJ)$19.00
Mediterranean Lamb (Med: 5190 kJ, LGE: 6250 kJ)$19.00
Mexican (Med: 5860 kJ, LGE: 7900 kJ)$19.00
Crust Supreme (Med: 4760 kJ, LGE: 6680 kJ)$19.00
Meat Deluxe (Med: 5680 kJ, LGE: 6940 kJ)$19.00
Pepperoni (Med: 6580 kJ, LGE: 7670 kJ)$19.00
Seafood Pizzas 
Garlic Confit Prawn (Med:5020 kJ, LGE: 6720 kJ)$20.00
Szechuan Chilli Prawn (Med:4350 kJ, LGE: 6180 kJ)$20.00
Vegetarian Pizzas 
Paneer Masala (Med: 4950 kJ, LGE: 6350 kJ)$19.00
Vegetarian Supreme (Med: 4670 kJ, LGE: 7080 kJ)$19.00
c.1889 Margherita (Med: 4630 kJ, LGE: 6700 kJ)$19.00
Vegan Pizzas 
Peri Peri Jackfruit (Med: 4350 kJ, LGE: 6120 kJ) (Vegan Friendly)$19.00
Smokey BBQ Pulled Jackfruit (Med: 4380 kJ, LGE: 5600 kJ) (Vegan Friendly)$19.00
Traditional Pizzas 
Margherita (Med: 4890 kJ, LGE: 6700 kJ)$15.00
Capricciosa (Med: 4600 kJ, LGE: 6310 kJ)$15.00
Hawaiian (Med: 4450 kJ, LGE: 6170 kJ)$15.00
Kids Meals 
Kids Ham And Cheese+Juice (3096 kJ)$9.50
Kids Chicken And Pineapple+Juice (3520 kJ)$9.50
Kids Cheese+Juice (3510 kJ)$9.50
Kids Ham And Pineapple+Juice (3240 kJ)$9.50
Homestyle Bolognese (2810 kJ)$13.00
Prosciutto Blanco (4120 kJ)$15.00
Truffled Mushroom Gnocchi (4560 kJ)$16.00
Salad Bowls 
Feta Slab Bowl (474 kJ)$13.00
Garden Salad Bowl (542 kJ)$9.00
House Cooked Belgian Waffles (4770 kJ)$12.00
Black Forest Crumble (8510 kJ)$12.00
Chocolate Mousse (1705 kJ)$5.00
Ice Cream 
Movenpick - Swiss Chocolate$5.00
Movenpick - Vanilla Bean$5.00
Movenpick - Caramelita$5.00
Whole Kids Organic Apple Juice $3.00
Soft Drinks $5.00
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water$5.00
Mount Franklin Still Water$5.00


Hunger is never invited. It knocks the doors of your tummy anytime and anywhere. Different outlets have different opening hours as per their location. But on average the outlets are open from 11 am to 11 pm. You need to check the timings on their website according to your location. There are proper timings mentioned as per the location of the outlet.

If you are ordering online, you can order anytime between 11 am to 11 pm. Just make sure you check the location open hours first. You can check the outlet that is nearby your place and see the timings. All the details are mentioned ion their official website.


As mentioned above, Crust Pizzas have about 120 outlets across Australia. When it comes to choosing the outlet which is nearby, you can go to their website and check the nearest outlet. They have a store locator feature on their website.

You have to enter the name of your location or the zip code and the website will locate the outlet for you. Once you find the preferred location, you can order your delicious meal in no time. When it comes to the delivery time, you won’t face any kind of issue from their side.

Note: Crust menu is valid in all states of Australia, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT, and NT. For more visit the Official Website of

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