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Initiated as a thought, Chicken Treat was a legend that started in around 1976. Its aim was always clear: to provide its valued guests, exceptional service and affordable, quality and brand Chicken rolls. Quality is something that always has a light of successful business in it so it did happen with Chicken Treat also. It kept on franchising and branding its products, which turned into the most prestigious brand, we know today.

So, if you are craving for something quenching, Chicken Treat delivery menu will always prove to be your best choice. Australians consider Chicken Treat best in the area for its services and the most profitable offers. Are you lazy enough to starve but not get food ready for yourself? Don’t worry! Chicken Treat has got the delivery services. They will not let you starve until they are standing in the market, alive!

Chicken Treat Menu and Prices in Australia:

Chicken Treat understands that every person has got his own taste. Taste is always a personalized sort of thing and not a generalized one. It is now world-famous for its rolls in addition to the perfect chicken cuisines. If you have ever visited here and tasted its special dishes, we are sure you have already been a fan of a lot of them.

Be it Chicken burgers or Rotisserie Chicken, it has the best taste combinations in Chicken Treat delivery menu. We are sure you haven’t experienced this love anywhere before. The crucified Chicken and the wraps and rolls will fetch your heart out! It has 10+ breakfast sandwiches and wraps varieties. Smoothies, starters, meals, and chocolaty love, it has got all just for you at minimal prices.

So, what do you need to do? Just see the lip-smacking Chicken treat Delivery Menu and call them. Don’t worry, for every product costing in the range $8-$12, they will cost you just $1-$3 extra. The perk being: you don’t need to worry about the quality they will deliver. After all their entire focus always was-quality and branding. This is what has helped them stand in the market for over 50 years.

Fried Chicken 
Tempta Boneless Chicken2 Packs - $6.19
5 Packs - $11.49
Tempta Boneless Pack$14.99
Tempta Boneless Burger Box$21.99
1 Piece Crunchified $4.19
3 Piece Treat$16.49
9 Piece Crunchified $26.49
18 Piece Crunchified $42.99
Variety Feast$31.49
Crunchified Mates Pack$38.50
9 Piece Feast$38.49
Rotisserie Chicken 
Quarter Chicken And Chips$14.49
Half Chicken And Chips$17.49
Chicken Dinner$15.99
Hawaiian Quarter$18.49
Hawaiian Half$21.49
Whole Chicken $17.99
Chicken Favourite$34.49
Family Feed$43.49
Big Family Treat$43.89
Burger, Wraps And Rolls 
Tempta Boneless Burger Box$21.99
Classic Rotisserie Wrap$11.49
Classic Tempta Wrap$11.49
Baconary Rotisserie Wrap$13.49
Baconary Tempta Wrap$13.49
Sriracha Deluxe Burger$11.49
Double Sriracha Deluxe Burger$15.99
Sriracha Slaw Burger$13.99
Double Sriracha Slaw Burger$18.49
Sriracha Naked Burger$15.99
Baconary Burger$12.09
Double Baconary Burger$16.29
Baconary Deluxe Burger$12.79
Double Baconary Deluxe Burger$17.49
Royal Beef Roadhouse Burger$11.19
Tempta Burger$11.19
Double Tempta Burger$14.19
Tempta Slaw Burger$12.19
Double Tempta Slaw Burger$15.19
Tempta Deluxe$13.19
Double Tempta Deluxe$16.69
Chicken Roll$10.69
ChiCow Burger$12.69
Cheeseburger $4.99
Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger $7.99
ChiCow Fried Chicken Box$20.40
Kids Meal 
Kids Cheeseburger And Chips$9.79
Kids Nuggets And Chips$9.79
Kids 1/8 Chicken And Chips$9.79
Kids Chicken Dinner$9.79
Mac And Cheese BallsSmall - $6.19
Large - $13.49
Onion Rings $9.49
ChipsSmall - $6.29
Large - $10.49
Large Chips And 600 ml Drink$8.99
Cheezy Bacon Loaded Chips$10.39
Cheezy Spicy Loaded Chips$10.39
Chicken And Gravy Loaded Chips$10.39
10 Nuggets$11.49
10 Chicken Twists$9.69
Banana Fritter$4.39
Pineapple Fritter$2.99
Garlic Bread$5.19
Slayin' SlawSmall - $5.39
Large - $8.49
PeasSmall - $4.49
Large - $6.49
GravySmall - $4.69
Large - $6.63
Mash And Gravy Small - $4.59
Large - $6.37
Triple Choc Mousse$5.99
Vanilla Cheesecake$5.99
Streets Viennetta$8.99
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$17.00
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie$17.00
Soft Drinks600ml - $5.19
1.25 L - $6.65
Water 600ml - $4.69
Milk600ml - $5.69
Keri Juice$4.69

Chicken Treat Opening Hours:

Chicken Treat understands that hunger is not time-specific. It can roll a foodie anytime. It can make food-enthusiast to crave for one even while lacking hunger. So, Chicken Treat open for you from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Not prepared for the unexpected guests in the house? You need not worry. Chicken Treat is open for such long hours just for you. It can ease you anytime. Just call Chicken Treat and you will get the food best fit to satisfy your hunger. So, the chicken heroes are waiting for you!

Chicken treat Locations near me in Australia:

Want your food in no time? Then you will have to order or go to the nearest outlet. Now no need to struggle to know your nearest Chicken Treat store. Just visit the Chicken Treat location website.

They will track your current location and will tell you the nearest Chicken Treat store. Chicken Treat proudly spreads in wide areas all over Australia. They are smart enough to help you out not just in your hunger, but also to find them out.

Note: Chicken Treat Menu is valid in all states of Australia NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT, NT. For more visit the Official Website of

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