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Chat Thai is one restaurant that is everyone’s one-stop solution for all Thai cravings. The tradition of delicious Thai cuisine is brought here to Australia by Chat Thai with amazement.

Are you searching for tasty food? Are you searching for a perfect dining place or lunch table? Are you searching for a hangout? Chat Thai will answer all these question marks. Chat Thai Delivery Menu offers different varieties of Thai cuisine for lunch, dinner at their restaurants as well as at your home. You can go to their restaurants for years, and the essence, purity, and taste of a Thai meal will never fade away.

They started in 1989, and it’s been just one Silver Jubilee, and they’re in good books of every Thai food lover in the Kangaroo continent. They mainly offer three types of meals, say Lunch, Dinner, and Supper. Each one of them is super delicious and delectable. If you don’t believe us, check their Facebook or Instagram handle, you’ll fall in love with it.

Home delivery is their upper hand. They operate at ten restaurants, and online orders can be delivered from all ten places. They have all inclusions of Thai food as well as different beverages and liquors, but they strictly follow NO BYO Policy and NO BILL SPLITTING.

Chat Thai Menu and Prices in Australia:

Chat Thai Delivery Menu offers a wide variety of dishes during lunch, dinner, and supper. Thai cuisine mainly includes seafood such as fish, crabs, and prawns. There are other non-veg items such as Chicken, Hen egg, pork, noodles, and many more. These are bases, blended up with spices and add-ons to bring unusual and exquisite taste and flavors.

SAVORY AND SNACK, starters, grilled, spicy salads, curries and soups, wok-fried, seafood, one plate wonder, noodles, desserts, drinks, cocktails and more. Including all these categories, they have more than 100 dishes and beverages at each restaurant. Although the menu and prices of cuisines differ regionally, they’re way affordable enough not to cause any customer to go with disappointment. Exact detailed list and prices can be referred from their website.

Todt Mun Bpla$15.90
Todt Mun Goong$17.00
Bangkok Wings$16.10
Goong Phae$16.10
Mhu Saam Chun Todt$17.25
Khanom Bueng Youan $18.50
One Plate Wonder 
Khao Ka Mhu$17.25
Khao Na Gai Yaang $17.25
Khao Grapao Gai Sup$17.25
Khao Kana Mhu Grob $18.90
Khao Grapao Mhu Grob$20.70
Khao Grapao Bped$23.00
Yam Goong Dta Khai$28.90
Kai Jiew Bpu$27.50
Goong Opb Woon Sen$28.90
Goong Choo Chee$29.90
Goong Mar Kham$28.90
Bpla Padt Prik Khing$28.90
Bpla Choo Chee$41.00
Bpla Raad Prik$41.00
Bpla Todt Nahm Bpla$41.00
Wok Fried 
Padt Paak$18.00
Padt Paak Boong $17.00
Mala Padt Kai$19.00
Gai Padt Met Ma Muang$19.00
Nuea Padt Nahm Mun Hoi$18.00
Grapao Gai Sup$17.25
Grapao Bped $28.00
Kana Mhu Grob$21.00
Emerald Duck$29.00
Curries And Soups 
Dtom Saap$19.50
Dtom Yum Goong $28.50
Massaman Nuea$18.00
Gaeng Keaw Gai$18.00
Gang Daeng Gai$18.00
Gaeng Nuea Yaang $21.90
Gaeng Daeng Bped $27.90
Gaeng Daeng Bpla$28.90
Gaeng Bpu$35.90
Grilled And Fried 
Mhu Bing$6.90
Gai Satay$6.90
Pork Ribs$17.00
Gai Yaang $17.00
Khor Mhu Yaang$17.00
Sai Ouah$17.00
Crying Tiger$17.00
Noodles And Rice 
Sukho Thai$17.00
Boat Noodle Soup$17.00
Khoa Soi$17.00
Padt Si Ew$17.00
Padt Thai$17.00
Ki Mao$17.00
Khanom Pakaard$17.00
Ba Mee Bped$20.70
Amy's Noodle$27.60
Steam Rice $3.45
Brown Rice$4.60
Khao Mun Anchan Rice$5.75
Sticky Rice$5.75
Spicy Salads 
Som Dtum Thai$16.00
Som Dtum Kai Khem $18.00
Som Dtum Bpu$17.00
Som Dtum Bpu Bpla La$17.00
Som Dtum Ma Muang$18.00
Larb Gai $29.00
Larb Bpla$29.00
Nahm Dtok Pork$18.00
Nahm Dtok Beef$18.00
Yum Naehm Khao Todt$18.00
Yum Nuea$18.00
Yum Ma Kuea $28.90
Nahm Prik Gapi$27.60
Savory And Snack 
Tua Bap Goong$14.90
Fresh Spring Rolls$14.95
Khao Kreab Yuan$14.95
Soft Drinks$4.60

Chat Thai Opening Hours:

Their general opening hours are from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Also, all online orders are received and delivered during these hours. During these open hours, orders can be placed from Menulog or Click&Collect delivery chains. When ordered from these services, the usual delivery hours are 11:30 am to 9.00 pm.

One thing is sure that you’ll get the best stuff from their kitchen and basket. Either you step-in at Chat Thai’s place or they deliver it to you, the taste won’t change.

Chat Thai Locations Near me in Australia:

Chat Thai group has more restaurants in the group, namely, ASSAM, SAMOSORN, and JARERN CHAI & BOON CAFÉ. These are a part of the Chat Thai group. Their locations are Sydney, NSW, and Victoria. It’s super simple to locate their restaurant. All you have got to do is to open their webpage, and you’ll see their restaurant list.

Note: Chat Thai Menu is valid in Australia in states of NSW and VICTORIA. For more visit the Official Website of

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